Roxanne, a captivating model in her mid-20s, has achieved fame and beauty but lost her passion along the way. Alone in the heart of New York, yearning for a deeper connection, she stumbles upon Ethan – a visual artist trapped in a web of an unconventional marriage.

Central Park becomes the stage for destiny's dance as Roxanne and Ethan's lives collide in a fleeting encounter. Drawn to Ethan's captivating charm and his unique blend of hyperrealist-surrealist art, Roxanne succumbs to a passionate affair that awakens emotions she never deemed possible.

Yet, the tale takes a sinister twist when Melissa, Ethan's dramatic and enigmatic wife, emerges as a shadowy presence in Roxanne's life. Melissa stalks her with eerie persistence, invading Roxanne's personal space with chilling intent. As the mystery deepens, Roxanne confronts the inexplicable and the threatening, struggling to comprehend the truth behind Melissa's actions.

Choosing to flee with Ethan, the couple seeks refuge across a lavender farm on Long Island, only to find themselves trapped in a nightmarish pursuit. Roxanne's flight through the ethereal purple haze of the lavender fields becomes a desperate bid for survival, as the boundaries between obsession, madness, and reality blur.